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Chrysler Logo Meaning

Over the decades the Chrysler logo has enjoyed a rich history of evolutions and yet always returned to its company roots.

1928 chrysler Wings Logo1928 Chrysler Wings Logo

1936 Chrysler Wings Logo1936 Chrysler Wings Logo

The latest edition of Chrysler’s winged logo sees a pair of elegant silver wings matched with a Chrysler inscription on deep blue background in the middle. Despite the elimination of the historic wax seal sign, the logo represents the company’s legacy through the trademark silver wings and looks sophisticated and modern thanks to its graceful shape and noble silver color.

According to creator Oliver Clark, the winged element serves dual purposes, it reminds customers of the radiator on a car, and also represented the Roman God Mercury, known for his speed.

Brand Overview

Founded: June 6, 1925

Founder: Walter Chrysler

Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States

Owners: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (2014–2021)

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Chrysler is an American luxury car brand and the longstanding premium marque of automaker FCA US LLC.

On June 6, 1925, the Chrysler Corporation was officially established and it began production of the first Chrysler brand model ever, the 1924 Chrysler Six.

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