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Lister Cars Information
Founded 1954
Founder Brian Lister
Headquarters Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Owner Warrantywise (2013-Present)
Laurence Pearce (1986–2013)
George Lister Engineering Ltd (1954-1986)
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Lister Cars is a British sports car manufacturer founded by Brian Lister in 1954 in Cambridge, England, which became known for its involvement in motorsport. Sold in 1986, Laurence Pearce produced variants of the Jaguar XJS before producing a bespoke sports car, the Lister Storm. In 2013, Lister Cars was acquired by Lawrence Whittaker's company Warrantywise. Production of the original sports car restarted in 2014 and ten continuation Lister Jaguar Knobblys were built to celebrate Lister’s 60th Anniversary. In 2016 The Lister Motor Company announced the build and sale of The Lister Knobbly Stirling Moss. On January 31st 2018, The Lister Motor Company announced the release of the Lister Thunder.

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The Lister was Britain’s most successful sports racing car of the 1950's. It won at almost every circuit in Britain and was virtually unbeatable both in the UK, overseas and in the USA. The 'Cars from Cambridge' designed, and built by Brian Lister, were simply the best of their kind and dominated the field with Archie Scott Brown driving, even when driven by Stirling Moss, who also drove a stint for Lister.