Rover Logo (2003-2005) 3840x2160 HD png

Rover Logo (2003-2005)
3840x2160 HD png

Rover Information
Successor SAIC MG Motor
TATA Land Rover
Founded 1878
Founder John Kemp Starley
William Sutton
Headquarters England, United Kingdom (2000–2005)
Subsidiaries Alvis Cars (1965–1967)
Defunct 2005

Rover is a former British car manufacturing company founded as Starley & Sutton Co. of Coventry in 1878. It is the direct ancestor of the present day Land Rover company, which is a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, in turn owned by the Tata Group.

Rover Logo (1979) 1440x900 HD png

Rover Logo (1979)
1440x900 HD png

Throughout the long history of ups and downs, Rover has used emblems, based on the Viking theme. The latest version, used from 2003 to 2005, saw the Viking longship become silver with red sails.

Rover Symbol (1979) 2048x2048 HD png

Symbol Logo (1979)
2048x2048 HD png

The last Rover emblem, used before the company’s discontinuation in 2005, featured an iconic Viking ship with silver body and red sails. The image was placed on black background, framed with silver border. Rover inscription in silver letters, put just above the sails, completed the logo. That emblem was a minimalistic version of the company’s trademark symbol.

Rover 75 Logo 2560x1440 HD png

Rover 75 Logo (1998-2005)
2560x1440 HD png

The last Rover emblem was designed in three colors: silver, red and black. The silver boat with red sails was placed on black background. That was the first design in a long time featuring silver boat as the large parts of the boat used to be painted in gold color before.