Smart Logo (1994-Present) 1366x768 HD png

Smart Logo (1994-Present)
1366x768 HD png

Smart Information
Founded 1994
Founder Nicolas Hayek
Headquarters Böblingen, Germany
Owner Daimler-Benz (1993-1998)
DaimlerChrysler (1999-2007)
Daimler AG (2007-present)
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smart (stylised and marketed as "smart") is a German automotive marque and division of Daimler AG, based in Böblingen, Germany. Very popular in Europe-- especially in the streets of Rome, Paris, Florence, and more-- the smart fortwo model, as perhaps the smallest production vehicle in the World, is an international head-turner. The smart fortwo will be available in the United States starting in early 2008.

Smart Symbol (1994) 2048x2048 HD png

Smart Symbol
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Smart derives from cooperation with Swatch and Mercedes: Swatch Mercedes ART. In its branding, the company lowercases its logotype and the logo incorporating a "c" and an arrow for "compact" and "forward thinking" respectively.

Smart Text Logo 1920x1080 HD png

Smart Text Logo
1920x1080 HD png

These two companies have their names imprinted into the smart brand as ‘s’ stands for Swatch and ‘m’ stands for Mercedes-Benz. ‘art’ reflects the unorthodox approach for car manufacturing that the company has followed since its foundation in 1994.

Smart Logo 640x480

Smart Emblem 640x480

Smart Symbol 640x480

The 3D ‘c’ letter is designed in gradient shades of silver color, while the arrow at the right side is all yellow. The ‘smart’ word, accompanying the logo, is designed in grey color.