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Tramontana Logo
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Tramontana (sports car) Information
Manufacturer Atelier Tramontana
Production 2007-present
Assembly Barcelona, Spain
Official Site

The Tramontana Car is a mid-engined Spanish sports car with styling inspired by combining Formula One racing cars and jet-fighters. It is built by Atelier Tramontana, in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). It was launched as a concept at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, and subsequently modified for production. It began as a project with the aim of breaking with conventionalisms and creating a new family of supercars. Only 12 a year are manufactured and they are all made under special request.

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Tramontana Logo (silver)
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In 2009, Tramontana introduced a closed top model named Tramontana R., and the XTR version in 2012. Now the company no longer produces these models, since they are focused on the Tramontana Car, which is a bespoke supercar fully customizable by the driver.