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Byton Logo Meaning

FMC today announced the English brand name BYTON, with 拜腾 as the Chinese name. BYTON is an abbreviation of “bytes on wheels”, wherein “byte” refers to the Internet and digital technology and “wheels” refers to the traditional automobile. BYTON refers to the fusion of these two worlds, reflecting FMC’s vision and dedication to connecting the automobile industry with the digital world.

(Source: FMC Launches BYTON Brand, Creating a “Next Generation Smart Device” with innovative UI)

Brand Overview

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Nanjing, China

Official Site:

Byton (Chinese: 拜腾) is a Chinese all-electric vehicle automotive brand established in 2017 and incorporated in Hong Kong, co-founded by former BMW and Nissan Motor executives.

Byton's cars are named as a variation on the term "Byte", such as "M-Byte" and "K-Byte".

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Other Logo

2016-PresentByton B Logo

Current Byton Logo (2016)Download (PNG)

The BYTON logo is based on the letter B. It is composed of two identicial shapes, one representing the automobile and one representing digital technology, meaning the two elements are equally important for BYTON.