1913-1937Duesenberg Logo

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Duesenberg Logo Description

The Dusenberg's logo is a spread-winged eagle with the text “DUESENBERG.”

Radiator emblems are small, colorful metal plates bearing an automobile manufacturer's name or logo that attached to the radiators grilles of early automobiles. Varying in shape and size, the emblems served as a small branding device, sometimes indicating the type of engine, place of manufacturing, or using an iconic image or catchy slogan to advertise their cars make and model.

Brand Overview

Founded: 1913

Founder: August Duesenberg, Frederick Duesenberg

Headquarters: Auburn, Indiana, United States

Defunct: 1937

Duesenberg Motors Company was an American manufacturer of racing cars and high-end luxury automobiles (sometimes referred to as "Duesy"). It was founded by brothers August and Frederick Duesenberg in 1913 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where they built engines and racing cars.

With the market for expensive luxury cars severely undercut by the Great Depression, Duesenberg folded in 1937.

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Other Logo

BlackDuesenberg Logo

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In 1913, German-American brothers Fred and Augie Duesenberg founded Duesenberg Motors Company, Inc. on University Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota, to build engines and race cars.

Duesenberg cars were considered some of the best cars of the time, and were built entirely by hand.

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