Hafei Logo (Present) 1920x1080 Png

Hafei Logo (Present)
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Hafei Information
Founded 1980
Headquarters Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Parent Chang'an Automobile Group

Hafei, officially Hafei Motor Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 哈飞汽车), is a Chinese automaker that manufactures sedans; MPVs; and mini vehicles, small trucks and vans for commercial use. It is currently a subsidiary of the Chang'an Automobile Group.

Hafei symbol (black) 640x550

Hafei Symbol (black)

The earliest Hafei products were Suzuki Carry-based microvans and trucks sold under the Songhuajiang brand, named after the Songhua River, but since 2002 they have been sold directly as Hafeis. Their vehicles have always carried the "HFJ" identity code, no matter the brand.