Haima Logo (Present) 3840x2160 HD png

Haima Logo (Present)
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Haima Information
Founded 1992
Headquarters Haikou, Hainan, China
Owner FAW Group (49%)
Hainan Automobile Group (49%)
Hainan provincial government (2%)
Slogan "Shift To Difference"
Official Site www.en.haima.com

The company was founded in January 1992 as Hainan Mazda Motor, a joint venture between the Hainan provincial government and Mazda to produce Mazda models for sale in China. The joint venture arrangement lasted until 2006, when Mazda's share of Hainan Mazda was acquired by FAW Group, and the company became a subsidiary of FAW. While Haima retained the right to make and sell older Mazda models as well as use Mazda technology to underpin self-designed products, it was prohibited from using the Mazda marque. This doesn't necessarily mean Haima has completely severed ties to its erstwhile partner, as technology transfers may continue.

Haima Logo (2560x1440) HD Png

Haima Logo
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The name "Haima" is a contraction of "Hainan Mazda". Haima's logo represents a mythical bird flying away from a rising sun.