Hispano Suiza

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Hispano-Suiza Information
Fate Automobiles: defunct
Aviation: now part of Safran
Founded 1904
Founder Emilio de la Cuadra
Marc Birkigt
Defunct 1968

Hispano-Suiza was a Spanish automotive/engineering company and, after World War II, a French aviation engine and components manufacturer. It is best known for its luxury cars and aviation engines pre-World War II. In 1923, its French subsidiary became a semi-autonomous partnership with the Spanish parent company. In 1946, the Spanish parent company sold all its Spanish automotive assets to Enasa. In 1968, the French arm was taken over by the aerospace company Snecma, now a part of the French SAFRAN Group. Hispano-Suiza designed the first 4-cylinder 16-valve engine and the car considered to have been the first sports car, the Hispano Suiza 45 Cr.