Karlmann King

2017-PresentCurrent Karlmann King Logo

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Karlmann King Logo Meaning

Based on a Ford F-550, the Karlmann King is designed by Chinese company IAT and built by a team in Europe, with the aim of offering a “stealth” vehicle that provides “an unprecedented visual feast”. The angular exterior has drawn comparisons with the Batmobile belonging to DC Comics’ Batman.

The King Kalman's logo looks like bat wings, meaning a ground "stealth" fighter.

Brand Overview

Manufacturer: Karlmann

Production: 2017-Present

Assembly: Italy, United States

Official Site: www.karlmannking.com

The company operates from Los Angeles, has a factory in Italy and is largely financed by Beijing-based International Automotive Technologies.

Its first product, the Karlmann King, is a massive rolling lounge complete with recliners, a coffee maker, champagne flutes, a massive TV and a price tag that makes it the world’s most expensive SUV. The Karlmann King is a low-production SUV that is manufactured in Italy and the United States.

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