Lagonda Logo (2014-Present) 1024x768 HD png

Lagonda Logo (2014-Present)
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Lagonda Information
Founded 1906
Founder Wilbur Gunn
Headquarters United Kingdom
Owner Aston Martin (1947-Present)
Official Site

Lagonda is a British luxury car marque established in 1906, which has been owned by Aston Martin since 1947. The marque has had a non-continuous presence in the luxury car market, being dormant for several times during its existence, most recently from 1995 to 2008 and 2010 to 2013.

Lagonda Logo (2009) 2560x1440 HD png

Lagonda Logo (2009)
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Lagonda was founded as a company in 1906 in Staines, Surrey, by a Scottish-American, Wilbur Gunn (1859–1920), a former opera singer. He became a British national in 1891 and worked as a speed boat and motorcycle engineer in Staines, England. He named the company after the Shawnee settlement "Lagonda" in modern-day Springfield, Ohio, the town of his birth.

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Aston Martin confirmed the revival of the Lagonda brand on 9 March 2011. The new range will initially consist primarily of high-end SUVs. In 2014, however, Aston Martin announced a large, low-bodied saloon version, the Taraf, to be sold exclusively in the Middle East.