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MK Sportscars Information
Founder Martin Keenan
Headquarters United Kingdom
Official Site

MK Sportscars is one of the big players at the affordable end of the UK's huge Lotus Seven inspired roadster scene. From an embryonic start, producing chassis and suspension components for the Locost, we were quick to develop our own roadster in 2000 and have since constantly developed the product while maintaining a clear focus on affordability allied to quality and high performance.

And so the Indy was born, our Ford Sierra based roadster. Good honest value for money made the Indy incredibly popular and demand quickly surpassed the amount of work founder Martin Keenan wanted to do. In 2004 he sold the company to Phil and his business partner Barry Lunn. They'd already worked with MK for several years and hit the ground running with the newly named MK Sportscars. The business moved over to Danny Keenan in 2014 as a employee of the business for a number of years. On 26th November the MK Indy Project was sold Kitcardirect who are based in Essex and we will look to establish the product back to its former glory.