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Panoz Logo
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Panoz Information
Founded 1989
Founder Dan Panoz
Headquarters Braselton, Georgia, United States
Slogan "America's Most Exclusive Custom Sports Car"
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Panoz, LLC is an American manufacturer of high performance sports automobiles. The company has also been extensively involved in professional racing, and designs, engineers and builds its own race cars, i.e. chassis and components. Founded in 1989 as Panoz Auto Development by Dan Panoz, son of pharmaceutical and motorsport mogul Don Panoz. The company is located in Braselton, Georgia. Panoz products have included the Panoz Roadster and AIV Roadster, and the Panoz Esperante. All Panoz road cars are tested at Panoz-owned Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia and built at the Braselton workshop.