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Qoros Logo (2007-Present)
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Qoros Information
Founded 2007
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Owner Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. (50%)
Kenon Holdings (50%)
Official Site www.qoros.com

Qoros is an invented word. The Q is intended to represent quality, and the whole name to echo the Greek chorus, a collective voice in plays and music, reflecting the multinational nature of the company.

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Qoros Logo (black)
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Guan Zhi is our name in China. 'Guan' means learning, observation and adaptation to a changing world; 'Zhi' means perfection and striving to be best.

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Qoros Logo
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Qoros is the global name for our new company. 'Q' signifies our commitment to quality, which should be judged by the highest international standards. The pronunciation of Qoros is also similar to the Greek word 'khoros', which means a chorus of many voices. Qoros the company is therefore an expression of many voices and talents from all over the world, working together as one team to create quality products.