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Weltmeister Logo Meaning

The brand name “Weltmeister” is German for “world champion” and reflects the rising challenge to traditional carmakers from startup companies. This brand has been launched in December, 2017.

The root and meanings behind the Weltmeister's living logo:

The root and meanings behind the Weltmeister's living logo

The heart of Weltmeister’s living logo consists of five rounded bars: Symbolising vehicles moving together on lanes.

The living logo is just as much an expression of artificial intelligence that seamlessly networks everything as it is a personal assistant for a mobile life.

Source: www.strichpunkt-design.de/en/work/weltmeister/design

Brand Overview

Founded: 2015

Founder: Freeman Shen

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Official Site: www.wm-motor.com

Weltmeister (Chinese: 威马汽车) is an electric car brand owned by WM Motor Technology Co Ltd, a Shanghai-based automotive company specialised in the creation of battery electric vehicles (BEV's).

WM Motor was founded in January 2015 by Freeman Shen, a former executive at Geely and later Chairman of Volvo's China operations. WM Motor is one of several largely Chinese-funded EV startups which aims to deliver affordable vehicles and get ahead of local competition.

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