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Wiesmann Logo (Present)
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Wiesmann Information
Founded 1988
Founder Martin Wiesmann
Friedhelm Wiesmann
Headquarters Dülmen, Germany
Official Site www.wiesmann.com

Wiesmann GmbH was a German automobile manufacturer that specialized in hand-built custom convertibles. The company, which had its factory in Dülmen, was founded by brothers, engineer Martin Wiesmann and businessman Friedhelm Wiesmann, in 1988. The business was liquidated in May 2014.

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Wiesmann Emblem & Text Logo
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Their company's philosophy is to create a car that will "stick to the road like geckos to a wall", hence their brand logo, which represents a gecko. The company is fairly new to the automotive industry, but well built lavish vehicles earned them a place among the exclusive car manufacturers.