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Yulon Logo (Present)
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Yulon Motor Information
Founded 1953
Founder Ching-Ling Yen
Headquarters Miaoli County, Taiwan
Owner Yen Family
Subsidiaries Yulon-Nissan Motor Co Ltd (50%)
Dongfeng Yulon (50%)
Yulon GM (50%)
Official Site www.yulon-motor.com.tw

Yulon Motor (Chinese: 裕隆汽車; pinyin: Yùlóng Qìchē) is a Taiwanese automaker and importer. Taiwan's biggest automaker as of 2010, Yulon is known for building Nissan models under license. The original romanization of the company's name is Yue Loong, but in 1992 the company renewed its logo and switched to the shorter Yulon name. Historically, it is one of Taiwan's "big four" automakers.

Incorporated in September 1953 as a machinery company by Ching-Ling Yen, today Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. is part of the Yulon Group, a Taiwanese conglomerate.

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Yulon (Chinese: 裕隆汽車) Logo
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A joint venture with Chinese automaker Dongfeng, called Dongfeng Yulon (or Dongfeng Luxgen), was set up in 2009 and will manufacture Yulon's Luxgen models in China after the completion of a planned production base in Hangzhou in 2011. The cars will be sold in China.