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Barum Tires Information
Founded 1967
Founder Czechoslovakia
Headquarters Otrokovice, Czech Republic
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Barum is a manufacturer of rubber tyres, based in the Czech Republic. Barum Tires has been manufacturing tires since 1967. Today, Barum produces more than 21 million tyres annually, belongs to Continental AG and is one of the leading tyre companies in Europe.

The foundation for Barum's success story was laid by the founding trio: Bata, Rubana and Mitas. Putting together the initial letters of the three founders' names to create the brand name 'Barum'.

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Barum Logo
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Another milestone in the company's history was the merger with German tyre manufacturer Continental in 1993. Barum's development took off at a rapid pace when it became part of the Continental Group. Since then, Barum has profited from the experience and competence of the German tyre company, as well as from its research capacities and highly efficient high-tech tyre manufacturing technologies.