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PresentCurrent Goodyear Logo

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Goodyear Logo Meaning & History

The Goodyear logo that is used these days dates back to a statue that was found in the stately home of the Seiberling family. The statue depicted the Greek God Hermes (to the Romans, the god was known as "Mercury"), who was synonymous with what Goodyear stood for, according to Seiberling.

Mercury"The wingfooted inspiration for the Goodyear logo"

In 1900 the company decided to develop a logo to brand its operations, and as a result they developed a Wingfoot symbol that would sit within the Goodyear name. That logo is virtually the same as the logo that is used today.

The idea of speed had much to do with Goodyear’s selection of the symbol, for the wingfooted Mercury was regarded as a fleet herald of good news. But it is as a herald or carrier of good tidings to users of Goodyear products everywhere that the Wingfoot now stands in the minds of the people of the world.

Today, The Goodyear logo is one of the most recognizable advertising icons in America.


Brand Overview

Founded: 1898

Founder: Frank Seiberling

Headquarters: Akron, Ohio, U.S.

Official Site:

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is an American multinational tire manufacturing company founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling and based in Akron, Ohio. Goodyear manufactures tires for automobiles, commercial trucks, light trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, race cars, airplanes, farm equipment, and heavy earth-mover machinery.

Goodyear is the largest tire manufacturer in the United States. As of 2019, Goodyear is one of the top four tire manufacturers along with Bridgestone (Japan), Michelin (France) and Continental (Germany).

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PresentGoodyear Wingfoot Symbol

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The Goodyear emblem is known under the name of Wingfoot. Take a look at a statue of the Roman god Mercury, and you will definitely notice something looking very much like the Goodyear symbol.

Similar to his Greek equivalent Hermes, Mercury wore the winged shoes (talaria), which gave him speed and in this way helped him to perform his duties – he was the god of messages, trade, and commerce.

1970Goodyear Logo (yellow & blue)

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Goodyear Logo Font

The solid, bold typeface featured on the Goodyear symbol appears to be very similar to the types called Phatt Phreddy and Koloss Bold. However, in all likelihood, none of the fonts were actually used by the logo author, and he crafted the wordmark from scratch.

1968Goodyear Logo (black)

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1898The First Goodyear Logo

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Although the Goodyear logo has been essentially consistent in its main symbol, it has been actually altered throughout the company’s more than 120-year history. Probably the most notable modification has been connected with the size of the emblem – The original Wingfoot, was much larger in relation to the word "Goodyear" than the one in use today.