Milestar Tires Logo

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Milestar Tires logo (1972-Present) 1366x768 HD Png

Milestar Tires Logo (1972-Present)
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Milestar Tires Information
Founded 1972
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Milestar Tires are developed with a focus on outstanding quality and high performance. Offering a wide product assortment in Passenger, High Performance, Ultra-High Performance, Light Truck, and Commercial Medium Radial Truck applications, Milestar options cover the needs of the tire replacement market.

Milestar Tires logo (Present) 1440x900 HD Png

Milestar Tires Logo
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Milestar tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs deliver safety, performance, and value. These affordable tires provide dependability that give you peace of mind, even in challenging road conditions. From the moment you step behind the wheel, your Milestar tires will allow you to enjoy the journey.